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About Yahmee!

Food sharing app that allows you to buy or sell your food online.  It is like eBay for home cooked foods.   Home-based chefs, food hobbyist, or enthusiasts can advertise their food and be enjoyed by people around the city.
The diversity of sellers will provide customers with unique and rare choices of home-cooked delicacies.

Yahmee is a food sharing platform for home cooks, food hobbyists and local restaurants.
People can list their food products by applying for a seller account.  The seller can be anyone who has a kitchen at home, or an established food delivery business.
If you register through Facebook or GooglePlus account, you will be able to see the food recommendations made by your friends.    
It has a very good search function that allows food search across different food sellers.  For example, if you enter ‘buritto’ in the search bar, all burritos sold in your area will appear in the search result.
The food can delivered to your house or it can be picked up from the seller.
It can be paid through credit card or by ‘cash on delivery’.

Do You love to take Away?

Now You can have food wherever you wish too! Order in with Yahmee App.

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